News February 2023

Panel discussion of Boond’s community, #1: Leading and organizing a strategy for growth in IT service companies

Thursday, February 9th, 2023, we organized our first ever panel discussion with BoondManager’s community

This first edition’s theme? Leading and organizing a strategy for growth in IT service companies and consulting firms

Panel discussion of BoondManager’s community: our participants

To host this meeting, we had the pleasure to receive crème de la crème participants amongst our clients:
✅ Renan Keraudran, CMO at Cherry Pick
✅ Laurence FELDEN, Project Manager at Klanik
✅ Pierre-Michel COUTURIER, co-founder of Dream Catcher Sales
✅ Pierre-Yves ETOURNEAU, co-founder of Lamarck Group
A huge thank you to them for this moment of sharing

panel discussion of BoondManager's community

Panel discussion of BoondManager’s community: our participants

And to interact on the subject, oh so many fedarators! We were honored to receive this many beautiful people:
✅ Dr. Mondher AYADI, CEO at NUMERYX
✅ Romain Larre Maupeu, Head of Human Ressources at Do iT Platinium
✅ Sébastien Amboise, Credit manager at JEMS
✅ Frédéric JACQUET, CFO at Teolia
✅ Benjamin Blondy, Director at NBTECH SOLUTION Toulouse
✅ Rudy Clercq, Business Manager at Business & Finance Solutions
✅ Béchir Abdelmoumen, Director at ps_testware
✅ Charles Saad, Director at AdExcel Consulting France
✅ Loic COTTÉ, co-founder of Solution BI France
✅ Stephane Boukris, President of Excelsior
✅ Jocelyn ALBURNI, Director of Business Development at ONECORP
✅ Laurent Desclèves, co-founder at Faceel-it
Thanks to you all for your participation

Congratulations to our wonderful team: Sarah Lorier Pasturel et Deborah D’ASSARO.

A lot of fascinating exchanges marked this first edition, and we can’t wait for the next one! This is a real pleasure to exchange about your best practices. Experience feedbacks and everyone’s tips are real added value.

You wish to participate? Tell us about it! 🙂

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