We offer “Manager” and “Resource” Packages

1 Manager

15 Resources

90HT / mois

2 Managers

30 Resources

180HT / mois

3 Managers

45 Resources

270HT / mois

5 Managers

75 Resources

450HT / mois

What is a Manager?

A user profile that can access all the features (Candidates, Resources, CRM, Needs, Projects, Time/Expenses & Absences, Billing…). For each Manager, you can have bespoke rights and permissions depending on your needs

Example: Head of Sales, Talent Acquisition Manager, HR manager, CFO, CEO…

What is a Resource?

A user profile that only access BoondManager for :

  • Enter / validate time sheets, expense reports and absence requests,
  • Consult, if you wish, their absence records,
  • Access the projects on which he is declared “Project Manager”.

Example: Consultant, Project Manager…

Services included in the subscription

  • Friendly and responsive support (phone, email, chat and support tickets)
  • Online Support (tutorial, video)
  • Updated features (suggested by our customers’ needs)
  • Hosting, backup and security of your data on our platform
  • All available features and apps

Mobile app is available on :

Benefit from our experience of over 1,300
client launches

Each project is unique. We know how to be flexible to your priorities and your people. To help you understand a typical launch, here are the 4 key steps:

1. Kick off

  • Introduction of your BoondCoach (your trainer / project manager)
  • Definition and prioritization of objectives
  • Identification of key contacts
  • Planning of major milestones

2. Setting

  • Administration Training
  • Help in customizing the repositories to fit your organization

3. Recovery of your data

  • Qualification and import of import files (Candidates, Resources, CRM and Needs)
  • Creation of current data (e.g. projects and orders in progress)

4. Training

  • Definition of BoondManager usage processes
  • Training of key users

BoondManager is a training organization!

You can have your BoondManager skills upgraded financed through your OPCO’s training budgets!

Manage your IT services company
quickly and efficiently