BoondManager Features

Unleash the full potential of your IT services company

Save time and money by optimising your processes

IT services company, Consulting firms

Just relax! The entire life cycle of your consultants,
from their onboarding to billing, is fully integrated.

  • Identify and track the right candidates
  • Keep track of your employees
  • Respond effectively to your customers’ needs
  • Manage your projects with precision
  • Improve your sales performance
  • Facilitate the collection of time, expenses & absences
  • Invoice your work quickly and accurately

Identify and follow the right candidates

  • Source your candidates directly from LinkedIn
  • Follow your recruitment processes with Kanban boards 
  • Qualify your candidates and their key skills
  • Structure your processes with actions and emails templates
  • Collaborate with your teams thanks to threads
  • Multipost your job offers with our partners

Follow closely your coworkers

  • Easily find important data about your employees and freelances: contracts, meetings, projects, satisfaction…
  • Anticipate and follow your key events: trial periods, interviews, birthdays, ends of mission…
  • Optimise your planing and find the right missions for your consultants

Improve your sales performance

  • Import prospects directly from LinkedIn
  • Accurately qualify your clients and prospects
  • Create organizational charts for your key accounts
  • Structure your processes with actions and emails templates
  • Identify and follow your leads easily

Answer your clients’ needs

  • Match your consultants’s skills with your clients’ needs
  • Follow the profiles and progress
  • Structure and improve your processes with actions and emails templates

Lead your projects accurately

  • Manage your signed projects and their progress
  • Customize you follow-up to different types of projects
  • Follow your client’s and consultant’s satisfaction
  • Generate and send  your mission order easily

Facilitate gathering of time sheets, expenses & absences

  • Simple and easy with automatic OCR reader for your receipts
  • Save time and space with digital archiving
  • Your clients can directly sign the consultants time sheets online 
  • Easily generate payroll
  • Totally integrated with the leading softwares: Sage, Cegid, Silae…

Invoice your work quickly and accurately

  • No risk of errors! No double data entries!
  • Easily send your invoices and follow your payments 
  • Reduce the risk of unpaid invoices and shorten its collection time
  • Totally integrated with Sage, Cegid…

Integrate your purchases

  • Qualify one-time or periodic purchases
  • Facilitate and follow the payment of your subcontractors
  • Analyse precisely your spending by categories 
  • Totally integrated with Sage, Cegid…

An open and connected platform

  • Discover our marketplace with many apps: Office 365, GMail,
    GCalendar, Jobposting, Showcase (DoYouBuzzz),
    MyDSOManager, ResourcePlanner, Survey, Notifications…
  • Automate your processes thanks to BoondManager integrations with Zapier and Make
  • Open platform with APIs 
  • You can create and develop your own apps: no limit!

Compelling dashboards
to follow your KPIs

With our activity reports:

  • Follow real time reportings 
  • Customize your dashboards to you management’s needs
  • Follow your KPIs

Always more performance!

With our little extras to make you “work differently”

  • Intelligent and collaborative searchs

  • Customizable document templates that can be generated

  • Collaborate better with discussion threads

  • Lists of tasks to be defined according to your conditions

Boond, everywhere
with you!

  • Access to your candidates and employees’s contact on your mobile
  • Your consultants can declare their time sheets and expenses from their mobile 
  • Your CRM in your pocket 
  • Share key actions with your teams

New features
every 2 months!

BoondManager is an evolutive ERP that fits the new technologies and user’s needs.

That’s why we deliver new features every two months to always increase your experience and performance.

You will access your product road-map and give your opinion about new features.

Boond is intuitive and easy for all consulting positions: HR, sales,
consultants, office manager…

Chat today with our experts
to help you get the best out of your business.