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We are BoondManager

We are the French leader in ERP
100% IT companies & consulting firms


  • Make your life easywith a collaborative, user-friendly and efficient ERP
  • Facilitate your processes
  • To help you being more efficient and increase your profits
  • Develop your growth
  • Unite all your teams (consultants, HR, sales, ADV, CEO…)
  • Save your time with the easiest ERP on the market

Where we come from

  • Coming from the consulting and IT market, we wanted to create the ideal ERP, which we needed ourselves.
  • Boond exists since 2009 and has already helped more than 1,300 IT services companies with its solution.
  • Working in family, our company is healthy and never needed exterior investisments
  • Proud to be the the leader on the French-speaking market, we now offer Boond internationally.




around the world


of our clients renew
their subscription every year

The simplest IT services company’s ERP on the market!

Our goal? Always improve the simplicity and ergonomy of Boond to help you save time and money. And because we love to see sparklings in your eyes, we deliver new features every two months.

Experts at your service

Our 65 employees are also business experts involved in your success and whose support is appreciated by all.

BoondManager is quick to launch. To make it a tool 100% adapted to your needs, you will be coached and will benefit from numerous online help (tutorials, webinars).

BoondManager is also a training organization. Finance your skills upgrading with your local OPCO!

BoondManager, you are the ones who talk about it best!

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“ Without BoondManager, we would never have been able to grow that much! “
Pascal Perigault

Pascal Perigault

“ We recommend Boond without reservation! “
Faceelit - Laurent Desclèves client BoondManager

Laurent Desclèves

“ BoondManager really helped our business! “
Shape it - Tristan Lassagne client BoondManager

Tristan Lassagne

Let us guide you! Already more than 1,300 IT services companies helped

Boond is often mentioned in the media

Our model and our personality intrigue the press.

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