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United Solutions: “Choosing BoondManager is one of the best decisions we’ve made”

United Solutions

United Solutions, What Is It?

United Solutions is an IT service company that guides their clients through all stages of their IT projects. Our commitment? Harnessing digital transformation in service of ecological transition.

Within each of our technical branches (Study & Development, Infrastructure, Security), our IT experts aim to bring their technical expertise while striving to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

When founding United Solutions in 2020, I had been working in the IT service market for 10 years as a Manager of a commercial team. However, I experienced sources of frustration. In rapidly growing companies, employees on missions sometimes feel a bit forgotten. I wanted to return to a human-scale project: to work in an environment where authentic relationships are part of everyday life.

The business plan for United Solutions was drafted during the lockdown. During this decisive period, the desire to create a structure with a social and ecological impact became even stronger.

We came up with the name “United” with the idea of being united around a set of values that bring us together: technical expertise along with social values.

We wanted to implement concrete actions that truly speak to the employees. Firstly, to set an example: with my partner, Nicolas, we dedicate our time to tutoring for the reintegration of people who have left the job market, for example.

Furthermore, we contribute 5 euros per day worked per person to a fund that each collaborator can use to support an ecological project that is personally important to them.

Making a profit is good; realizing that it can have an impact on society is better. This resonates with the employees. It gives meaning.

To date, we have won 60 projects in less than 3 years and plan to make 20 hires in 2024, both in the company (management, commerce) and at our clients’. We want to maintain an “artisan” positioning, offer “customized” missions, and most importantly, wake up in the morning and be happy to come to work.

Why did you choose BoondManager at United Solutions?

When I had to choose a tool, even before creating the company, I knew I didn’t want to replicate what I had experienced before: different tools but none that could bring together recruitment and commerce. No generalist CRMs that were suitable and aligned with the logic of IT service companies.

I made three fundamental decisions before even registering United Solutions:

  • Finding a partner with firmly anchored values and with whom I could envision the future. (Nicolas Lacazedieu and I have been friends for 18 years.)
  • Embarking on the adventure with Lucas Stievenard, who started as an intern and is now a permanent Sales Manager.
  • And, of course, choosing BoondManager right from the start!

When I attended Sabrina’s demo at the time, I understood that BoondManager allows for management from A to Z! She listened to our challenges and adapted to our launch. I was immediately convinced: BoondManager seemed tailor-made for how we work.

I thought to myself: “They are nice, they will train us, the price is right—no need to look elsewhere, I have everything I need” 😉

BoondManager had also been highly recommended by LR Technologies.

What are your favorite features?

BoondManager is a tool on which I can rely daily and easily retrieve strategic piloting data.

All features are important, but reporting to track our indicators is a game-changer. Before, I couldn’t quantify work and track performance as well as I can now.

The entire life-cycle is essential: finding a candidate, placing them on an opportunity, creating a project… All the way to invoicing.

We also appreciate being able to follow new developments in the roadmap and being able to submit improvement ideas.

The signing of timesheets is a feature that really simplifies my life! (When I think about a time when we had to print them, scan them, send them… Seems like it was another era.)

We are also appreciative of regular app enhancements through partners like Universign, for example.

How did your onboarding go at United Solutions?

We were trained by Deborah and Sabrina, but BoondManager is a very intuitive tool. When onboarding new collaborators, the training is very fast.

The entire skills development cycle is well thought out (webinars, tutorials, training, etc.), so we rarely or never need to contact support—that’s clever 😉 The tutorials are well-structured; you always find the answer to the question you have. The roadmap allows us to track updates delivered every 2 months, and webinars are regular and diversified. When I do need to contact support, my issue is resolved in less than 4 minutes.

After a year, we were fortunate to have an audit by Cyril who’s in charge of customer experience. He wanted to ensure our level of quality and wanted to help us progress. He gave us lots of advice and didn’t try to sell us anything 😉 We really appreciated the approach.

Have you noticed a gain in productivity?

BoondManager has saved me time, there’s no denying it! This time saved by avoiding time-consuming and valueless tasks has also allowed me to finish my days earlier and enjoy time with my children. And that is priceless!

This productivity gain is evident. It’s invested in a better quality of life.

Have you recommended the tool to any colleagues?

I recommend it to everyone. When you start your company: equip yourself right from the start!

I am a true Boond Ambassador 😉

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