Client's testimonials December 2023

Atyx: “Thanks to Boond, we save 6 hours per week per Manager”


Hi Chloé, tell us more about Atyx?

ATYX is an engineering consulting company that has been based in Nantes for 20 years. We work on major projects worldwide in the fields of industrial engineering, civil engineering, and major infrastructure projects.

Our mission is to deploy the expertise of our 200 employees to ensure the successful execution of our clients’ projects. We are ready to intervene quickly in various fields, covering the following areas:

  • Project management
  • Work supervision
  • Engineering
  • Support functions

We are pleased to experience organic growth of over 20% each year since 2017, with a turnover of €20 million.

Our next goal? Double our turnover and workforce by 2026, and this is why we needed to structure ourselves. Hence, our encounter with BoondManager 😉

How did Atyx choose BoondManager?

When we started looking for a tool, our initial need was to be able to send our TDs (Technical Details/resumes) quickly and easily, ensuring they are anonymous and standardized. Spending 45 minutes to complete a TD is neither productive nor rewarding.

Our previous CRM was not linked to the candidate database. We had a software for managing prospects & clients and another one for managing candidates & resources. These two tools could not communicate.

As a result, our business managers and recruitment officers could not collaborate effectively and meaningfully. There was a lot of information loss and a considerable amount of time wasted trying to cross-reference data.

When Anthony presented BoondManager to us, we quickly realized that the solution met all our needs and more… It was completely tailored to our business. The feedback after the demo was incredible.

We started a testing period. The recruitment manager immediately saw the potential. All teams were eager to change tools and welcomed the project with enthusiasm. So, the decision was easy.

How was your onboarding experience at Atyx?

Everyone agrees; it was perfect! This is the most appropriate word because Sarah’s support was quick, precise, complete, and flawless.

We feel very privileged with Sarah’s availability. I am amazed because every time I call her, she is available for us. Not everyone can simplify such a topic.

The support’s responsiveness is exemplary. We were with one of your competitors before, and the support response times were nothing compared to yours.

Getting started with BoondManager is very fast; we quickly found our rhythm and understand the importance of entering our data correctly to exploit the full power of reporting and KPIs.

Regarding onboarding, I really appreciated the onboarding guide that was recently shared. I use it regularly!

What was the level of adoption by Atyx teams during the implementation of BoondManager?

Absolutely amazing!! 100% success and adoption. Everyone was more than delighted! The teams found BoondManager visually pleasing, very intuitive, fast, relevant, and simple.

For the business aspect, being able to import contacts and companies directly from LinkedIn saves us a lot of time! Tracking needs, seeing applications in real-time: these are things we didn’t have before.

BoondManager is user-friendly and attractive: it may seem trivial, the design, but as we spend a lot of time on the tool, we really appreciate this aspect. We don’t visually fatigue, it makes us even more eager to be there.

Employees who arrived after the implementation of Boond and did not experience our previous way of working all say unanimously, “But how did you manage before??” 😉

What are your favorite features at Atyx?

BoondManager has made us more relevant in our business arguments, making client relationships easier. We are more precise.

Moreover, everything is configurable, so we can show some data and hide others; the tool adapts to all stages of our restructuring.

Among our favorite features at Atyx, our teams unanimously mention:

  • The Opportunity module: super ergonomic, intuitive presentation, excellent visibility with various filters that help us a lot.
  • Kanban views: everyone swears by it!
  • Discussion threads: it has changed our lives! It’s so practical!
  • Searches and filters: simple and effective. Especially in the Candidates module, it’s very powerful!
  • Birthday and seniority celebrations: we think it’s great!
  • Positioning: it saves us a lot of time.
  • Dashboards: perfect for managing activity!

Have you noticed productivity gains?

Thanks to the implementation of discussion threads, we made a radical decision!

We completely reorganized internally by combining discussion threads and Teams, saving us 6 hours per week per Manager. Almost a full working day: unparalleled productivity gain! And, above all, collaboration is facilitated at all levels.

What should be remembered is that by using BoondManager, it feels like the tool could have been designed and created internally because it meets all our needs: we have the same wording, and there is no superfluous functionality. It’s entirely us 🙂

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