Webinar & Tutorials November 2023

[Webinar] : BoondManager’s 2023 new features

This webinar is dedicated to all of the BoondManager users who are curious to find out more about our new features and willing to improve their process.

We have been presenting the new features around 4 main topics:

  • Overall browsing
  • Sales and recruitment
  • Sales administration
  • BoondManager administration

This webinar enables you to stay up to date with all of our 2023 features in order to make your IT services company life easier!

Since 2009, BoondManager ERP management tool has been making life easier for more than 1500 IT services companies and consulting firms.

Many IT services companies and consulting firms have been convinced by the incredible features, the ergonomic and the simplicity of our ERP software.

A unique ERP solution for the performance of your IT services company!

Our mission? Save your time and make your recruiters, sales and administrative staff more efficient. Intuitive and collaborative, BoondManager is also scalable with new features delivered every 2 months.

Our DNA: Make your life easy with a collaborative, user-friendly and efficient ERP Facilitate your processes To help you being more efficient and increase your profits Develop your growth Unite all your teams (consultants, HR, sales, ADV, CEO…)

Save your time with the easiest ERP on the market.

Manage your IT services company
quickly and efficiently

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