Client's testimonials March 2023

The Hive Company : “Without BoondManager, we would’ve never been able to manage such a growth”

The Hive Company

The Hive Company recommends the ERP BoondManager. With Léa GIGLIO and Audrey PANAGIOTOPOULOS

Could you introduce The Hive Company?

The Hive Company is a Consulting and Engineering firm created in 2019 by Léa GIGLIO and Nabil HAYOUNE. We are now about ten in our internal structure with more than 60 collaborators on mission deliveries.

With more than 15 major-account clients, we are mainly active in the South of France, and with some activity in the Paris region and in Savoie.

Our key positions are linked to challenges related to infrastructure, governing, project management but also research and development.

We rely on an agile and level work organization, allowing us to adapt to an environment in constant progression and in this way, to reinforce levers of personal and professional fulfillment.

Why did you choose BoondManager at The Hive Company?

Choosing BoondManager came up at a pivotal moment for our company. We had around 30 collaborators on deliveries and we arrived at the end of our Excel documents.

We had the drive to use a tool that would help us manage our activity from A to Z: from business to back office, a complete and centralized tool.

We had conducted a market study for the existing tools, including 3 tools that were short-listed.

BoondManager is the one that we ended up preferring because we wanted a “user friendly” tool, which was essential criteria to get the approval of each team. We all know that a tool that isn’t intuitive will never be fully used.

As other criteria for our selection, we also wanted a tool that is sufficiently a high-performance tool, in order to allow us, when it comes to our back-office, to conduct different analysis that are necessary on a daily basis.

What was your onboarding experience?

We were coached and guided by Sarah and Mathias.

Gauthier has done an amazing job by giving us a testing interface on which we had a lot of fun. This allowed us to truly realize that, user-wise, BoondManager would be high on top of the other tools we analyzed.

Sarah is our dedicated BoondCoach and Mathias came to provide additional support on certain subjects. Everything went very smoothly.

What’s very useful with BoondManager is that even once you understand how to do it, it’s not the only mandatory path. There are multiple ways to achieve the same result.

In a month, we were all operational. We then focused working on billing, on sales management and finally on recruitment. We wanted to have a first full fiscal year on the tool in order to optimize its management.

What are your favorite features?

The Billing section, because in one glance, I can see what we have achieved. It’s well done. It’s clear. It’s an immense time gain compared to our former ways of working.

We also absolutely love the Reporting section where we can instantly have a global vision of the company but also of teams’ performances. It’s useful, leading-wise, in order to manage the company but also, team-wise, in order to help them optimize their actions.

Everything about managing collaborators is also extremely useful. We like to use tasks lists for the onboarding process. Everyone concerned comes in and ticks off their task and we know exactly where we’re at in the process.

Our favorite app is Emailing. It makes our lives easier.

Our teams use the mobile app to enter and submit their timesheets, expenses notes and absences. It was part of our selection criteria when looking for an ERP.

We also appreciate having access to video tutorials for our teams.

We have adopted the BoondManager vocabulary, internally. We adapted to Boond as much as Boond adapted to us.

Have you gained any productivity?

Since we started working with BoondManager, our resources have doubled. Without BoondManager, we could’ve never managed such a growth. We went from 30 to 70, without needing to recruit for the administrative team.

What is your relationship with Boonders?

As we love saying to Sarah “you are a saint” 😉 We had an issue, Sarah immediately became available and helped us find a solution.

The same happened with Déborah with whom we have worked on payroll management. She saved us!

We are specialists in asking the most improbable questions and yet, Boonders are always there for us.

Have you recommended Boond at The Hive Company?

We share our satisfaction on our socials. We also work with Klanik who uses BoondManager.

What do you think about the latest new features?

We follow everything 🙂 We absolutely loved the new features for discussion threads.

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