Client's testimonials September 2022

Hexa Consulting : “BoondManager helped us to grow”

Michaël Mesquita, 
Business Director at Hexa Consulting

Can you introduce Hexa Consulting ?

Hexa Consulting is an IT consulting company, 100% Portuguese, which was born from the synergy between different profiles, all coming from the consulting business. The common and complementary vision of our partners (whether on the consulting, client or business side) allowed us to have a true 360° approach.

We are growing very fast since we created Hexa Consulting in October 2021 and we already have 104 employees.

Our goal was to bring a new value proposition to the Portuguese market for our teams. Indeed, we provide our consultants with a rich palette of tools and services such as a solid career development plan, numerous training courses, certifications, relevant tools… This type of HR approach is quite differentiating in the Portuguese market.

It is this personalized career guidance that makes Hexa Consulting attractive to IT profiles and that allows us to retain and hire our employees.

Today we are 80% present on the Portuguese market, with the ambition to develop our international presence by 2023. It is important for us to create confidence and to make international market players want to invest in Portugal.

Why did you choose BoondManager?

All the partners had used BoondManager in the past, when we knew each other in different ESNs.

So we knew BoondManager very well and were already convinced by the tool. The choice of Boond seemed totally obvious to us.

We contacted Sabrina and, for form, other publishers, but for us, Boond was more simple and relevant.

We made the choice to equip ourselves from the creation to start with the right processes, from the beginning. I had the experience, in another IT consulting company, of “in-house” tools and then migrations to Boond and I remember a waste of time and energy, where starting with the right tools, from the beginning, makes all the difference.

What are your favorite features?

With over 100 employees in less than a year, we have far exceeded our objectives. It is obvious to say that BoondManager has contributed to our strong growth.

We particularly appreciate the fact that BoondManager is perfectly dedicated to our business model and that all the features have been designed to facilitate our daily life and serve our interests.

From recruitment, CRM, through projects, to invoicing: it’s a 360° tool that helps us a lot, every day.

What is your relationship with the Boonders?

Excellent! Estelle and Sabrina are very available and very nice. Great!

What was your onboarding experience?

We all knew the tool and chose to equip ourselves from the start, so the conditions were ideal for successful onboarding. Everything was very easy because the handling is very intuitive.

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