Client's testimonials June 2022

UBCOM: “BoondManager is accelerating our growth”

Frans Imbert-Vier, CEO & Olivier Corneau, COO at UBCOM


Can you introduce UBCOM?

UBCOM is a Swiss cybersecurity and strategic consulting firm founded in 2014 and headed by CEO Frans Imbert-Vier. We are experts in 3 main areas:

  • Cyber risk prevention
  • Data protection
  • Managing & protecting secrecy

Its location in Martigny allows it to benefit from the Swiss constitution which makes information an inalienable right for its owner. We have a subsidiary in France, in Luxembourg and we will soon be present in Portugal.

Our core business is to generate trust and independence in order to defend the economic interests of our clients and enable them to maintain their competitive advantages worldwide. Our goal is to protect our customers from all forms of data leakage.

We are about ten employees and we work with a network of partners around the world.

We work with a large number of clients in the health sector in Europe (private and public establishments, laboratories, etc.), but also with players in the justice, energy, audiovisual and industrial sectors, as well as with local authorities.


Why did you choose to use BoondManager?

We chose BoondManager because of the talent of Sabrina who did a great job selling it. We were immediately convinced: the functionalities fit to our needs, the prices were reasonable and thesupport was up to the product. In addition, we were impressed how easy BoondManager is: our teams mastered the tool as soon as we tested it.

This choice came at a time when we were beginning to develop strongly and the fact that we had a tool to structure ourselves seemed more than relevant. When we started looking at Boond’s features, we were convinced that the tool would help us in our growth. That’s why we chose Boond almost 2 years ago.

In short, BoondManager is simple, easy to access, ergonomic, efficient, fully customizable, user-friendly and very easy to operate.


What do you like most in terms of features?

We like the simplicity andergonomy of Boond. For example, we welcomed a new Business Developer last week, I quickly showed him how the tool worked and he is now in charge of his perimeter: he created his first requirement, imported his prospects and in 5 minutes he had sent his sales proposal.

I also like that I can do a lot of things on my mobile. Even on the web version, I have access to a lot of functionalities: invoices, estimates, etc. We have one thing in common with Boond because we work mostly from home. Often on the move, the mobile features are very useful.


Have you notice productivity increase?

We have indeed saved a lot of time and we will continue to do so, for sure! I will work more and more with BoondManager because it is a accelerating our business development.

We are very attentive to the new features that come out every 2 months and are considering taking a few hours of consulting with Sabrina or Mathias to further improve our skills.


What is your relationship with the Boonders?

I told you all the good things I thought about Sabrina but we are satisfied with all the teams. Every time I have called on support, the feedback has been quick and efficient.

With Mathias, it goes very well too. We are going to focus on the exploitation of the CRM for the Commerce & Marketing aspects and I have no doubt that he knows how to accompany us very well on these issues.


What was your onboarding experience?

The onboarding went smoothly: Sabrina explained the different phases and the steps to follow. The tool was deployed quickly because the intrinsic logic of the tool’s design makes things simple and consistent. Our employees take to it easily and quickly.

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