Webinar & Tutorials June 2022

Webinar: HR Management best practices

On Thursday, June 16, BoondCoaches had the pleasure of presenting the webinar “HR Management Best Practices.”
This webinar is intended for HR and Recruitment teams who want to efficiently track their employees with BoondManager.
You will be able to project yourself on the whole life cycle of an employee in your company and to analyze/optimize your activity.
It was presented to you by Deborah VITALE, Paola Vercken & Cyril HERBAUT, BoondCoachs.

BoondManager ERP facilitates the commercial, HR and administrative management of IT services companies, consulting firms and engineering companies. BoondManager is an intuitive SaaS solution that is quick to learn and easy to use on a daily basis for all business profiles: managers, business engineers, recruiters, HR, consultants, etc. The BoondManager team is available to answer all your questions and provide the solutions you need.

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