Client's testimonials January 2022

nextSourcia: “BoondManager is a no-brainer in terms of pricing and functionality”

Can you introduce nextSourcia?

nextSourcia is a consulting company in information systems optimization and e-commerce solutions. It was created in 2006 by Vincent David.

We support our customers in their IT management and transformation projects. We offer a full range of services to help them evolve their infrastructures to private or hybrid clouds. nextSourcia is also specialized in the design of e-commerce solutions. For this, we have developed an opensource e-commerce CMS in Javascript and API First: Aquila CMS. With this expertise in these two areas, we support our customers, on the “services” side, on a contract or fixed price basis.

We are about thirty employees today. I joined the adventure in 2021 with the objective of structuring the “services” part, optimizing the business model, setting up the inherent tools and processes, recruiting efficient sales & HR teams and developing new partnerships.

We are going to open 2 new agencies in 2022, in Toulouse and in Île de France, and we plan to work internationally (Malaysia) in the second half of the year.

Why did you choose to use BoondManager?

Our objective, within nextSourcia, was to structure ourselves and to put in place the tools and processes that make the success of large IT services companies. I had done a lot of research on this market and we had identified BoondManager as the reference for ERP dedicated to IT consulting comapnies. I naturally suggested to Vincent to ask for a demo to see if the tool could meet our needs.

I was familiar with the tool and the field of activity so I had a lot of questions 😉 After 2h30 of demo, in which Gauthier took the time to show us everything and to answer all our questions, we were convinced!

At the same time, I looked at other business ERPs on the market, but the balance quickly tipped in favor of BoondManager, unanimously. The choice was clear in terms of price and functionality.

What do you like most in terms of features?

A lot of things! The possibility to have a clear visibility of all the candidates in the pipe, to be able to simply search for the candidates already identified, to be able to follow the progress of the needs, to historicize the exchanges with the customers, to follow the missions of the consultants, the CRA etc… In short, to have a single tool that covers all our needs!

We particularly appreciate the fact that Boond is constantly evolving and listening to customer feedback. Every 2 months, I feel like it’s Christmas! As soon as I receive the WalkMe pop-up with the new features delivered, I look at each line, like a child in front of the tree 😉 It is very important that we can freely express our suggestions for improvement and above all, that we are heard! For a tool that is over 10 years old, continuing to question itself is a real added value!

Compared to the tools used in the past, have you seen productivity gains?

Yes, of course! As we grow, it is clear that the collaborative aspects of Boond save us time. On the other hand, having a clear vision of our needs, of our candidates… This is an obvious productivity gain! It also allows us not to miss opportunities or minimize the risk of mistakes, so it’s very valuable on that side!

What improvements would you like to see in the near future? 

We would like to make some improvements on the DT part: to be able to reorganize experiences directly in BoondManager, to be able to display the categories of the technologies used or to reorganize the skills by domain category.

Another point, we have interfaced Boond and Outlook. When creating a Teams invitation, it creates an action and a duplicate invitation and emails.

We look forward to the upcoming enhancements on the mobile app, as do the candidates.

What is your relationship with the Boonders?

Gauthier, whom we had seen at the beginning, was very nice. Generally, we do not contact the support, we contact directly our favorite BoondCoach: Paola. When you have tried Pao, you only deal with Pao 😉 Pao can be forgiven for everything, if she is on vacation, we wait for Pao!

So yes, our relationship is excellent and we are more than happy 🙂

Have you recommended the tool to any colleagues?

We recommended BoondManager to a colleague who has since acquired it, yes! He is also satisfied with it.

Any final word? 

We made 50% growth at the end of last year, I hope it lasts 🙂

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