Client's testimonials April 2024

KALI GROUP: “BoondManager guides our growth”

Guillaume PRUNARETY is the HR and Recruitment Manager at KALI GROUP, an engineering consulting firm. Heexplains how BoondManager has accelerated KALI GROUP’s growth.

KALI GROUP is an engineering consulting firm. We recruit engineers and managers in the industrial sector and then assign them to projects at our clients’ sites, who are industrial companies in the region. With a unique option that allows our consultants to be hired by our clients at the end of the project. This adds significant value in the market, which is particularly innovative in the consulting world and brings back a sense of freedom in working relationships with our consultants and industrial clients.

We started the business 2 years ago, and in the first year, we did things very manually. After this first year of activity, we decided to professionalize and automate as many processes as possible to focus on high-value tasks.

BoondManager offered all the tools we needed to manage both commercial relations, the candidate aspect, and also the invoicing, accounting, and dashboard parts, which are very useful to us.

It completely changed our lives. Moreover, we were lucky to be supported by Paola, who guided us from start to finish in implementing the tool in its configuration, and who is still there for support whenever we need her.

We were really able to automate many tasks and focus on our core business, supporting our consultants, and supporting the HR team, which greatly facilitates our lives.

We only have positive feedback on the tool, whether from internal teams who use it or from our consultants who, for instance, submit their expense reports and timesheets.

There is a real connection between all the teams: the salespeople can enter data with the clients, then transfer it to the HR and accounting team who can create projects, assign consultants, handle invoicing… When there are issues or questions, it does go back to the sales team who can take over, and, there is truly a spirit of collaboration

Absolutely, we started the business 2 years ago with the four co-founders of KALI. Today, we have over 150 people in the group. We opened three new offices last year, and it was super simple to create these new offices in the Boond tool and to manage everything centrally. This is what also allows us to experience this exponential growth today.

It’s nice to see in person the people we have seen so many times in video calls and to be able to discuss each other’s issues and how everyone collaborates together.

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