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Onboarding feedback template in IT service companies: download our FREE template

When “talent war” rages, IT service companies and consulting firms try their best to offer a unique and engaging onboarding experience. In this context, the feedback from the collaborator who freshly arrived is a key tool in your induction process. Discover our onboarding feedback template to simplify your recruiting process.

onboarding feedback template

Onboarding in IT service companies

Onboarding is a long-term accompanying measure that extends the recruitment phase et remains after the trial period. It should be thought-out and adapted to your company’s culture. All this procedure of discovering the company, the values, the strategic lines, will be decisive in the collaborator’s choice to continue or not the adventure with you.

This induction period is indeed strategic when we know that 80% of recruits take the decision to stay within the first 6 months. The risk of resignation reaches a critical peak between 40 to 50 days after the arrival of a new collaborator. A successful onboarding would reduce this turnover by 31%.

Conceiving a complete onboarding comes across as an essential condition to gain sustainable loyalty from the best talents. Onboarding forms furthermore a symbol, a rite of passage. It represents one of the most important, the strongest and the most striking moments in the professional life of a collaborator. It is precisely over the course of this phase that the employee gets their first impression and develops or not a sense of belonging to the group which can then be a vehicle for their motivation, engagement and productivity.

A good practice consists in assigning a mentor. According to a study, the Aberdeen Group company noted that during the onboarding process, companies who assigned mentors are 2.5 times more efficient than others. This mentor can be a point of contact who will be able to answer the questions of this new recruit. Of course, the presence of a mentor doesn’t exclude the involvement of their manager.

Another idea would be the “Welcome Pack”, whether physical or virtual, that will contain all the necessary information for a serene arrival: the company’s bible, the equipment, the introduction to your company’s culture, your customized goodies, etc…

Getting feedback in IT service companies

After a month or two, management establishes a convivial and special moment to collect the new recruit’s feedback in order to ensure that they have all the necessary knowledge and tools.

Feedback is an abstract of your new collaborator’s first impressions. It requests that they take a critical but constructive eye on the company, on the atmosphere in their team and on the missions that were given to them.

From the collaborator’s side, this moment makes their induction easier within an IT service company. It offers the possibility to provide an overview of their needs, interrogations and weaknesses. This interaction increases the new recruit’s value and gives them a feeling of gratitude.

The company also tremendously benefits from this fresh eye on their organization. It allows you to question your practices in cases of dysfunction. It can also be a source of inspiration to develop new tools or to adopt other management strategies.

Numerous studies recall us how much collaborator engagement goes through feedback culture and through collaborators’ regular solicitation. It isn’t a matter of harassing them with questions but rather to give them simple ways to be actors and contributers to their own induction in the company.

Feedback can therefore be a lever for engagement culture to truly be collaborative.

Ultimately, and in order to add real value to your IT service company, information included in this onboarding feedback report should be listed and remedial actions should of course be implemented when necessary.

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