Client's testimonials January 2024

KURY Ingénierie: “BoondManager will help us grow”

Kury Ingénierie

Who is Kury Engineering?

Kury Engineering is an engineering service company that has been in existence since 2000.

We work in studies, expertise, or project management (fixed-price or technical assistance) in the highly demanding field of nuclear power, focusing on system design and safety.

We are based in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, England, and China, with around a hundred employees.

Why did you choose BoondManager?

Until 2011, we didn’t have specific management software. We used to work with Excel files. Starting in 2011, we used a first solution that became obsolete over the years.

So, in 2021, we decided to change tools. That’s how we discovered and adopted BoondManager. A fellow manager warmly recommended the product to me.

We tested Boond as part of a benchmark. We found the product very interesting, and on January 1, 2022, we switched to BoondManager, which allows us to optimize our processes on a daily basis.

How was your onboarding process?

We initially focused on the Business aspect: timesheets and invoicing.

Today, Boond is deployed in our French agencies, and we aim to extend it to our English agency this year, as the product is bilingual.

What is the level of adoption of the tool by the Kury Engineering teams?

Employees are very satisfied with BoondManager. Getting started was very quick and intuitive.

We are also satisfied with the tool from a management perspective, as well as with the support from Boond’s team.

Our next project involves assigning roles and access rights more finely to accompany the company’s evolution, which implements close management and professionalizes its central functions such as HR.

The webinars are very well done and comprehensive. They are operational and practical. We would even welcome shorter and more thematic formats like tutorials, by profession.
Similarly, making access to the YouTube channel from the tool could be relevant.

Having all these resources available—texts, videos, tutorials, models, interactive guidance, AI—is very practical and accessible continuously! These resources, also available in English, will help us with our deployment to the UK teams.

What are your favorite features at Kury Engineering?

The recognition of phone numbers from the CRM on mobile is very practical. I also handle absence requests from the mobile application.

I also follow the new features published every two months; we have suggested some improvements, but they are not yet available.

We recently tested forms to question our employees about a choice of tool as well as importing candidates from LinkedIn. The latter feature is really great!

Have you noticed productivity gains?

Yes, we have already noticed time savings, and we believe we can still optimize our processes to gain even more performance. We aim for strong growth over the next 5 years. We are currently in a phase where the processes, tools, and dashboards implemented should help us achieve our goals.

We are confident that BoondManager will help us grow.

Anything that can help us, like automation or downloadable templates, is a daily aid.

Have you recommended the tool to any colleagues?

Indeed, I have suggested BoondManager to other partner companies, so I am happy to promote Boond as a satisfied customer.

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