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Sales and Marketing Department

Our missions:

  • Helping IT services companies and consulting firms to answer their needswhatever they are recruiters, sales representatives, administrative staff or managers.
  • Manage the sales cycle from A to Z: from prospecting, demonstration of our solution to put glitter in the eyes of our customers.
  • Develop awareness, recommendation and loyalty to Boond in the market.

They like:

Chasser des licornes

Réaliser des vidéos pour faire rire nos collègues

Faire la pluie et le beau temps, mais surtout ajouter du soleil sur notre météo


Development Department


  • Developers / Full Stack & Mobile
  • QA Tests
  • Infra Ops
  • Product Design
  • Big Data
  • Support N3

They like:

Build, test, debug and have the biggest… team

Their Zoom classroom for the weekly

Commit in slippers


Training and Support Division

Our missions:

  • S’assurer que nos clients utilisent 100% des fonctionnalités de BoondManager pouvant simplifier leur quotidien.
  • Proposer une expérience client inoubliable où la satisfaction est la préoccupation n°1.
  • Être des experts du métier de nos clients afin de
    conseiller au mieux et être un véritable partenaire/acteur de leur développement.

They like:

Their beloved manager

When our customers send us love


BoondManager is always looking for new talent!

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Our beautiful BoondValues


We take pleasure in our work, in giving you satisfaction, in meeting each other and in meeting others.


At Boond it means a lot: caring for each other, personal growth and professional development.


It is the basis of our management but also of all our human relationships


With complete confidence, you will have the freedom to evolve, to grow and to rely, in all serenity, on our teams

Our Super BoondRituals


On Thursday mornings, we invite 2 Boonders from different teams to have a little coffee together and exchange… differently.


Skribbl or Among Us fans, you’re in the right place! Get out the cookies and tea, on Wednesday afternoon, it’s snack and games at 5pm.


Every Wednesday, from 12:15 to 1:00 pm, it’s abs, cardio and fitness with our coach Ludivine.


On Wednesday and Friday mornings, Christophe offers to start the day in serenity with a shared meditation session. Zenitude and wisdom!


Every Thursday, from 12:15 to 1:00 p.m., it’s the sweet Michelle who takes care of our body and mind! Perfect for releasing tension and clearing the air.


The first Friday of each month, at 4:00 pm, a meeting all together to review the work of each and everyone. A moment of sharing in a good mood.


As a full remote company, we limit our CO2 emissions, guarantee a work/life balance and provide a right to disconnect. Some Boonders are great ambassadors for the “zero waste” movement and we are learning, every day together, to reduce our impact on forms of pollution.

The BoondRetreats

Chez Boond, nous avons fait le choix du 100% remote depuis 2009. Cela ne nous empêche pas de rire et d’appréhender la convivialité autrement.

Mais ce que l’on attend par-dessus tout, c’est de se retrouver “pour de vrai”, 3 fois par an, pour un séminaire / voyage tous ensemble.
Pour tous les Boonders, c’est une vraie bouffée d’air, d’amitiés, de rires, de bonne humeur, de folies, de souvenirs et de dépaysement. Barcelone, Marrakech, Amsterdam…

Le but est de passer du bon temps ensemble. Ces moments sont extrêmement importants pour la cohésion de l’équipe : activités variées, soirées déguisées, jeux, musique, bonne chair et ateliers participatifs en sont les fils conducteurs.

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